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Road transport has always been popular among logisticians, cargo forwarders and other optimizers of the transport chain. Quick advance, a great variety of bodies, high speed of movement. Taking into account the ratio "price-speed" for the short and long distances, the road transport is a perfect logistics tool.

Good knowledge of technical parameters of transport and cargo helps to save considerable sums of money. Length and width, number of axles, loading capacity of the body – the characteristics playing the major role in the cargo consolidation. The same freight semi-trailer may carry two units of equipment instead of one. One 13.6 meters long barge may accommodate a larger long vehicle than its 12 meters long version. A lowboy will provide a required height clearance. And addition of axles reduces the axle load and makes the cargo less vulnerable to weight control.

The road capacity, especially in points of loading and unloading, is also an element of logistics. Often, for cost reasons or because of lack of information, the customers provide incorrect information on the real state of access routes, for which reason it is required to replace one vehicle with more passable one. The documents start indicating such positions, as delays, empty runs, of which we don't want to speak, but we have to.

We would like to have perfect relationships in our work. They begin with an objective assessment of a situation, accurate measurements, pricing, which does not infringe the interests of the parties, timely telephone contacts, document control of high-quality. Sunrise International Logistics carries out its activity according to the highest standards of quality of forwarding services. Automation of all the processes allows us to provide quick and efficient service to the clients with a wide variety of cargo flows.