Air Freight

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Air Freight

The main difference of carriage of goods by air is the operational efficiency. Of course, when it comes to the cost of air transportation, it is higher than transportation by other types of transport. However, when transporting small shipments, the cost difference may be insignificant, and under certain conditions it may even be lower.

Our company, involved in carriage of goods for the construction of the "South Stream" project, the Yamal – Europe, Sakhalin – Vladivostok – Khabarovsk gas pipelines, ensures fast and qualitative air cargo transportation by passenger and cargo aircrafts, performing scheduled and charter flights.

In the light of specific features of the performed work, particular attention is paid on the control over the whereabouts of cargo, activities on its prompt delivery, including the rapid changes of route and other conditions of transportation in case of intervention of external factors: weather conditions, actions of third parties, etc. Another essential component of transportation is reporting. We perform our activities in full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, in particular with the laws and regulations applicable in the area of shipping and forwarding activities, and in many cases preparation of all the required report documents: forwarder orders, forwarding receipts, consignment notes (according to the Charter of motor transport), airway bills, warehouse receipts, accounting documents takes more time than the transportation itself.

Sunrise International Logistics offers to use our service for the delivery of goods in Russia and throughout the world. Our rates and quality of services will satisfy the most demanding clients.